Hello, I am Daniel. I'm a graphic designer & web developer based in Edinburgh, UK.
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Graphic design

Graphic design Edinburgh
„A picture is worth a thousand words”

It's amazing how this old Chinese proverb applies to our times.
We live in an era of pictures, attacked from all sides, more or less by colourful advertisements.
Therefore, in order to bring your customers’ notice what your products or services are, you have to attract their attention with something special/unique.

I try to ensure that my graphic designs are special and distinctive.
I do this through a large dose of aesthetics (even in minimalist designs), ingenuity, a bit of humour and an appropriate choice of the means of reaching the target audience.

So, if you need a unique graphic design, please contact me!
I will help you gladly.

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Logo Design

„Simple, Memorable & Timeless”
Logo design Edinburgh

Logo is most often the element of the brand that the customer recognises and remembers. The first step to achieving marketing success, it to take care to make sure that the logo of your company creates a positive impression on your customer.

I have the ideas and know how to bring out from a minimalist graphic the best elements that characterise your company and your products.

With the design work, I take into account the requirements of my Customers and the specificities of the industry and the modern advertising.

I do not use any ready-made graphics.
Every logo is a unique design made exclusively for the Customer.
The end result of my work is a project of the trademark, together with documentation and graphics so the Customer has the full right to use the trademark.

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Web Design

Web design edinburgh
„If it's not on the Web, it doesn't exist at all”

The above statement is a bit exaggerated, but it is certain that nowadays everyone has access to the internet, so if a company does not have a website (not to mention the possibility of obtaining a service or product online), is exposed to fall behind the competition.

However, the mere fact of having a website will not sudden influx the customers.
It is important, that a website complies with all the web design standards (W3C, HTML5, CSS3).
A website must be user-friendly and must display properly on various screens such as a computer, tablet or smartphone (responsive web).

It is also important to optimise for search engines. Thanks to that the web page becomes noticeable by potential customers (SEO tools, AdWords campaigns).

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